Variations of Web Hosting and its Benefits

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Web hosting is all about making a web page available through the World Wide Web, with an internet connection, for anyone across the world to access. As it is become a necessary need in today’s world, these services are offered for free under many circumstances. These services are offered for free as well as for paid situations.

There are several types of web hosting, as each individual’s requirements will vary. There is the free web hosting, where the user gets to host the web page absolutely free of cost. These companies will be powered through advertisements. Most of the free hosting services will go to the personal web pages as they may not need too much data base support.

Next we can look at the shared web hosting, where a web site will be hosted on the same server as many other sites. It may number from a hundred to many thousands. The server resources will be common in this case. In contrast to this there is the clustered hosting, where several servers will host the same web page.

This will be done to make the utilization of the resources much better. Then there is the managed web hosting. This will allow an individual to host his own web page, but he will not be given total control of the server. The users will not be allowed to modify this, as they may change the configuration settings. In this case the server will be leased to the client and they will not be allowed to own it.

The opposite of this is the dedicated web hosting. With this, the user will be given complete control of the server, and he will be responsible for the management of the web page. Most people who know what they need to know about web hosting, will go in for this option. The virtual dedicated web hosting is very interesting.

In this, the users are allowed use a server, where they will feel that they are using their own servers, but they will be sharing the servers with others. They will unable to access virtual space when they use this type of web hosting. The reseller web hosting is for those who want to host the web pages themselves. The accounts of these will vary in size, and they will also function for individual names.

The most expensive web hosting is the collocation type. The physical space will be provided by the hosting company, and the users will own the colo servers. Only certain facilities will be provided for the user with this hosting like the Internet, and storage. As with all services, these web hosting types can be researched before picking the right one.

Since the requirements will vary from person to person, they may choose the right one before hosting the web pages. The Internet provides all the necessary information, for both simple and complicated web pages. Those who are not familiar with the types can gain access to the information through th


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