Forex Trading Success

Monday, September 21, 2009

Any successful FOREX trader needs a good trading strategy. Each trader must develop their own, individual strategy; no one approach will work for all traders. While some traders rely on a single approach, such as technical analysis or fundamental analysis, many successful FOREX traders combine these methods to get a broad market overview and to plot entry and exit points.
The most important concept that technical analysis relies on is that prices move by trends. A common saying in FOREX trading is “The trend is your friend.” There are identifiable patterns in market movements that have been analyzed for many years. A good understanding of these trends and how to read them makes up the foundation of a good trading strategy.
Understanding market movements are made easier by using the many analytical tools that are available today. In order to gain knowledge about the applications and concepts, the FOREX trader should study each one individually. After getting a good concept of one, that one can be used while learning new ones. The tools will reinforce the others when they are used together.
Many Forex trading strategies utilize support and resistance levels. The price level that is most often the lowest price is what ’support’ is referring to. The price that is usually the highest that the stock will usually trade for is the resistance level. Also, price movements over a certain time period are contained within the support and resistance levels.
The direction that the price is heading is expected to stay the same once they break through support or resistance levels. An example of this would be that the price begins to rise above the earlier resistance level, that price will more than likely continue to rise, which people consider bullish.
Price charts must be analyzed in order to identify unbroken support and resistance levels. While charts can be analyzed in any time frame, analysis of longer time frames, i.e., weeks and months, can establish more important support and resistance levels. It’s important to have accurate support and resistance level data in order to know when to enter and exit transactions.


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