Holiday Insurance USA

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Man love to spend tension-free holiday but life is not without its probable risks and danger. There are even arrangements for holiday insurance and the US, which is a major travel and holiday destination, is no different. Holiday insurance USA allows the insured holiday-maker to protect himself/herself against possible consequences (financial and other) that could result from unforeseen and unexpected events.

• Annual holiday insurance (includes Sports and Activities, Adventure Sports, Ski Holiday Insurance Cover, Snowboarding Insurance Cover )

• Holiday Insurance over 65 (InsureForAll )

• Backpacker Insurance (includes cover from 31-365 days, European or worldwide cover including Australia and New Zealand, sports and activities automatically included - including 2 bungee jumps)

• Snowboarding Insurance (includes cover from 2-60 days, European or worldwide cover, Individual, couple, family cover)


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