The Pros And Cons Of Obtaining Instant Auto Insurance Quote Online

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Internet has made its mark on the shopping world, making it easy to find many things. There are websites dedicated to buying books, movies, even used items that other people don't want anymore.

In addition to material goods, nowadays, you can buy services that aren't necessarily as tangible, such as auto insurance. One of the great things about shopping around for car insurance online is that there are a number of websites where you can obtain instant auto insurance quotes.

By obtaining these instant car insurance quotes, you'll be able to better save on your car insurance, which can translate into extra hundreds a year. But there are advantages and disadvantages to this. Let's explore some of the benefits of car insurance and how to avoid some of the problems that you run across with them.

The Pros

Of course, the big advantage to obtaining instant auto insurance quotes online is that the speed of the process allows you to compare different car insurance companies in one evening, often less than that.

Instead of wasting your time with calling company after company for a quote, dealing with automated systems, getting placed on hold, and so on, you can enter your information into a web form and get a quote that way. The real speed comes with sites that take your information once and get quotes from multiple companies, allowing you to compare prices at a glance.

And while on the subject of no phones, no calling means no pressure from a salesperson on the other end of the line. This means no haggling, no rebuttals, and more time to do your own research. If you like the idea of making choices for yourself instead of getting convinced by a salesman, obtaining auto insurance quotes online is for you.

The Cons

One of the big drawbacks to obtaining instant auto insurance quotes is that usually, you need to give some sort of contact information, like your e-mail address, which will result in spam in your mailbox later. To combat that, look for sites that don't require you to give that contact info.

Another way to at least control where the spam goes is to have a separate e-mail address you keep, separate from your main address, that you enter for this contact info. That way, the spam is at least directed away from your personal account.

The other disadvantage you have when obtaining instant car insurance quotes is that some of the sites that compile results for you won't ask all the questions that each individual company might on their own sites. This can lead to later sticker shock when the actual company gets back to you and quotes you at something higher.

To avoid this and get the most accurate results, double check your work by obtaining quotes from the websites of each individual company. Despite these relatively minor disadvantage, the convenience and speed of getting car insurance make it a great idea if you're looking for some for your car.


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