Getting The Right Bike Insurance

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting bike insurance can cause some people a bit of stress and confusion, especially if they have bought a motorbike for the first time. The confusion can come from all of the quotes and offers you will receive when selecting the right insurance company. Deciding on the offer is dependent upon your needs and the kind of bike you have. In addition, how much the insurance costs is affected by how long you have been riding a motorcycle for.

All bike insurance, unfortunately, will charge you more if you are an inexperienced rider. Those who have been on the road for many more years than you will be quoted something a lot cheaper. This is a normal thing for everyone looking for cheap insurance, as there are more risks of damages, incidences and accidents with an inexperienced and new rider. Statistically there are more claims from those who have only just gained their motorbike license.

There are different types of insurance policies, which make a difference to your entitlements after an incident. The first of these is a third party insurance policy, which covers the policyholder from third party damages. This does not however, cover for your own bikes damages, so even though it is much cheaper it will mean that you will need to find a way of paying for your own costs of damages and medical expenses. This also includes if your bike is caught on fire or stolen.

In the instance that your bike is set on fire or stolen, the third party theft and fire bike insurance will cover for all of the above including theft and fire to your own bike. This is a popular option for most first time bikers if they are looking for something cheap.

These days there are cheaper insurance covers, with lots of deals to be found, however, it is a question of getting to apply for it first. Always consult with an independent insurance broker; they will point you to the right direction if you are finding it difficult to make a decision.

Another more expensive type of bike insurance is the comprehensive insurance policy will cover for all of the above and damages to your bike, with the added benefit for covering for any medical expenses. This is the most expensive and yet the best insurance to opt for, as this will guarantee you that there will be no problems and all costs will be covered. Your money will be well spent as the main purpose of concern is not your finances, but your safety.

There are certain things to avoid such as sneaky cancellation fees that you may not know about. If this is not in the contract, you should enquire about it. Interest charges may be more than most bank credit cards so always check this before you start paying. Avoid paying legal expenses in advance, as this can be offered free of charge from certain companies.

If you are making modifications to your bike, this may not be covered as there have been additional changes made to it. You will need to let the insurance company know about this, no matter how small the modification may be.


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