FOREX Special 5 Keys for FOREX Success

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

If you have not read my 5 powerful tips for forex trading article yet, be sure to do so. Today, I’ll like to share with you 5 intermediate keys for forex success. These are information that people would easily pay hundreds of dollars to get so count yourself lucky for getting them free.
1 - Great exits are more important than good entries
Just remember, most traders are always focused on getting their entries right and I’m not denying that that is important but it’s the exits that matter a lot more than the entries. Don’t argue with me on that please. I’ve traded long enough to know my entries and exits. Where you exit will determine the fate of your trades. Period.
2 - Moving my stop to BE+1 as soon as feasible
This is a bit of an idiosyncrasy for me. I never like seeing my positive trades turn into negative ones. When I say that, I mean trades that are really in the black already and not just up by 10 or 20 pips. Forex is much too volatile for that. Typically whenever trades are up by 30 pips or more, I’ll move my stop loss to 1 pip more than break even. Essentially that means I’ve locked in at least 1 pip of profit. Let’s move on …
3 - Not reading too much into pivots on Mondays
If you rely on pivots for trading, be sure not to read too much into them on Mondays. They are the least reliable on the 1st trading day of the week. Needless to say, these pivots are based on information from last Friday’s trading but because there’s a gap over the weekends, things tend to be screwed. I’d say to use pivots only from Tuesday and onwards.
4 - Early European trends start around 0645GMT
Need I say more? Eastern Europeans will start the ball rolling around this time. Take note!
5 - Reversals of the above (if any) then tend to happen around 0730GMT~0815GMT
Listen … you’ve just gotten some real gold ok? If there are any reversals from the european trend that starts around 0645GMT, it will tend to happen in a 45 minute period that starts from 0730GMT-0815GMT. Is that cool or what?


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