Hair Weaves Styles

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Differences between synthetic and human hair weaves styles are almost negligible in look but the more common of the two is synthetic hair due to technological improvisations. Synthetic hair is also cheaper than human hair.

Women have used hair enhancements for eons to enhance their look and personality. In most cultures, a womans hair is considered the crowning glory of her beauty and for women of color, hair weaves come as a touch of magic in the enhancement of ones look. For a long time now, hair weaves have gained huge popularity as celebrities wear them and as better and more sophisticated models are introduced to a waiting fashion market.

There are a myriad of reasons why women wear weaves. Top on the list, as mentioned, is in enhancing ones appearance and emphasizing a particular personality. Weaves come in all sorts of colors, sizes and makes. Women have cited lengthening of hair, adding thickness to thinning hair, changing color without use of chemicals and so on, as the main reasons why they wear them. Whatever reason, though, it is clear that as long as women have hair, weaves are here to stay.

Over time, new and more interesting weaves have been introduced with the most recent type of synthetic weave being the lace wig. These are weaves made from meshed nylon material. They are formed into a fitting cap, ventilated by stitching strands of hair together to form small openings. This gives the hair a more natural, realistic feel and look than conventional weave extensions do. The wig is then attached along the hairline with natural adhesives ensuring a proper fit.

Synthetic weaves are either Remy Weft or non Remy Weft. Remy weft refers to none colored or none chemically processed hair. Most hair chemicals are used to remove hair cuticles that give hair a more naturalist look.

Remy Weft weaves can also be categorized into two; Remy Hair Double Drawn and Remy Hair Single Drawn. They both have a natural look and are also used in ponytail extensions. Non Remy Wefts are the more commonly available type of synthetic hair. They come in numerous colors and shapes, are inexpensive and also the most saleable type of hair weave in the world. They are available in two main types namely, Tangle Free and Normal.

Most human hair used for weaves come from Asia and the Far East. However, since demand for weaves is limited to black women, supply is also limited making it more expensive than synthetic hair. Some people can also have allergic reactions when using certain synthetic hair thereby further increasing their demand for human hair.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun with your style, and be willing to experiment with new looks you have never had before.

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